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Holistic Healing & Resilience 

Rosen Method Wisconsin

Holistic Healing & Resilience 

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Rosen Method Wisconsin 

Movement Teacher and Bodywork Practitioner 


Rosen Method Wisconsin

It is an important part of Holistic Healing & Resilience, LLC. I am trauma responsive and build resilience.

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Mind Body Spirit Healing

Adverse Childhood Experience Study and Resilience Master Trainer

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Rebecca Wigg-Ninham

Your Practitioner
and Teacher

Rebecca has been been working as a Social Worker with individuals and families for over 30 years. She has been passionate about building a community of wellness throughout her career. She has been blessed by the knowledge of diverse paradigms by listening to her clients and their stories. Her work has been extraordinary because of her curiosity and openness to other ways of thinking.  She found success through opening the door to the mind body spirit connection first for herself and then her clients. She asks the question "What was your possibility when you came into this world and how can you heal your body mind and spirit from what life has thrown at you." She believes that Health and Wellness are within you through embodied self-awareness.

Founder: Marion Rosen

Marion Rosen became a member of an extraordinary therapeutic community in Munich during the 1930s that included Elsa Gindler, Dr. Gutav Heyer, and Heyer's wife, Lucy Heyer. Lucy was a student of Elsa Gindler who is considered the "grandmother of current breathing and relaxation techniques." Gustav was a colleague and former student of Carl Jung. The Heyer's were part of a group of professionals who were using massage, breath-work, and relaxations in conjunction with Jungian psychoanalysis. As Marion's foundation she went on to integrated breath, relaxation and our unconscious with her knowledge of the body as a trained Physical Therapist developing Rosen Method.


"Become the person you were born to be"

- Marion Rosen

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Address: 5308 Severn Way Madison WI 53714

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